An Open and Affirming Congregation
of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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What We Believe

What We Believe


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is not bound by any creed and has no tests of faith. At Cairn, we have developed the following six theological statements as a starting point for an open, communal and covenantal faith journey.


  • We seek the expansive mystery of God and celebrate our human capacity to imagine, experience, and serve God in diverse ways.
  • We explore the way of Jesus, the stories of scripture, and our different interpretations, as pathways to deepen our human experience and encourage lives of justice and compassion.
  • We participate in the open table of bread and wine shared by Jesus, where all are invited and none excluded, as central to our experience of God’s love, healing and hope.
  • We celebrate the Church as a web of relationships through which we can experience God, share the love and vision of Jesus with others, and participate in the healing of all of creation.
  • We believe in the beauty and value of each individual and in our need to open the selfish, destructive and wounded parts of our own lives and our human society to the meanings and possibilities of forgiveness, salvation and grace.
  • We understand faith as a journey of questioning, discovery and love of neighbor.