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Amazon Smile Tutorial

Amazon Smile Set-Up

Click each image to enlarge the image, then click “back” to return to the full tutorial page.

From a computer (desktop, PC, laptop, chromebook)

  1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com/
  2. Search for Carin Christian Church
    amazon prime 1
  3. Click Select
    amazon smile 2
  4. Confirm that you will use smile.amazon.com
    amazon smile 3
  5. You’re good to go!


From a phone or tablet

Amazon smile does not work through the app. You must use smile.amazon.com to have it work. A work-around is to use the app to add things to your cart, then finish checking out on the amazon website. You can still use smile.amazon.com through your internet browser on your phone. (Safari, Chrome, whichever gets you to the internet.)