An Open and Affirming Congregation
of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Who We Are

Who We Are


We are a congregation of about 120 engaged and active members. Our members live in Lafayette, Erie, Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville and Denver. We are nurses, guitar makers, social workers, educators, photographers, musicians, chaplains, physicists, managers, landscapers, fundraisers, curators, caretakers, artists and students. We are singles, couples and families, old and young, straight and gay, longtime members and newcomers. We are people comfortable with both tradition and change who are looking for new expressions to honor both the aches and the holiness of life. We gather together because here we feel accepted and loved for who we are and encouraged to grow.

We have been a congregation since 1875, making us one of the oldest in the state, and until 2010 we were known as First Christian Church of Boulder. Our first location was 15th and Walnut. In 1960 the congregation built its second building, the stained glass fronted building on 28th Street, at the gateway into Boulder from Denver on Highway 36. We moved to our present location in Lafayette in January 2010. Our new building was formerly the home of St. Luke’s, a Greek Orthodox congregation.

There are many milestones in our history together that say a great deal about the kind of congregation we are. In 1965 we completed the construction of Golden West, a senior living center, in the lot behind our building at 28th Street, a facility which continues to thrive, now providing 365 senior residences. In 1968 we helped start a subsidized licensed daycare program for low – moderate income families. In 1998 we partnered with Carriage House Community Table to host Community Table in the basement of our building at 28th Street, providing a hot meal to the homeless in the neighborhood three nights a week. That same year, following an eighteen month discernment process, we became the second Open and Affirming congregation in the Central Rocky Mountain Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.)

Both in our moves from one building to another, and in our experimentation with new ministries, it is clear that we are a congregation that is not afraid of change. Now that we are settled into our new home, we are exploring ways to be involved directly in the community of Lafayette, supporting our neighboring Sister Carmen, and partnering with other organizations, churches and faith communities. Part of our plan for our facility is to create a community garden, a playground and a labyrinth, which we hope will be used by our neighbors.

About Our Name CCC_Cairn.CC34

Our name is unusual. A cairn is a mound or stack of rocks built at the side of a pathway. They are found all over the world. They are a place to rest. They are signs to show the way when the path is confusing or we are lost. They are symbols of balance and harmony. They are markers of holy places where individuals and groups have experienced God’s presence and decided to leave a lasting reminder. They are beautiful, spontaneous pieces of art that celebrate earth. Cairns are built by many hands working together over time or sometimes by a single person. They can be very simple or extremely elaborate. When we see a cairn we are drawn to add our own stone to the pile. In all of these ways, the cairn is a metaphor for our life together and a reminder that we are always in process. We don’t claim to have it all figured out, but we do claim to love and honor the journey.